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Pakistan’s Speakers from 1947 to date

Ques No.1: Quaid-i-Azam M.A Jinnah (President)

Ans: 11-08-1947 To 11-09-1948

Ques No.2: Moulvi Tamizuddin Khan (President)

Ans: 14-12-1948 To 24-10-1954

Ques No.3: Mr. Abdul Wahab Khan

Ans: 12-08-1955 To 07-10-1958

Ques No.4: Moulvi Tamizuddin Khan

Ans: 06-11-1962 To 19-08-1963

Ques No.5: Ch. A.K.M. Fazulul Quader

Ans: 29-11-1963 To 12-06-1965

Ques No.6: Mr. Abdul Jabbar Khan

Ans: 12-06-1965 To 25-03-1969

Ques No.7: Mr. Zulifiqar Ali Bhutto (President)

Ans: 14-04-1972 To 12-04-1973

Ques No.8: Mr. Fazal Elahi Chaudhry

Ans: 15-08-1972 To 07-08-1973

Ques No.9: Sahibzada Farooq Ali

Ans: 09-08-1973 To 27-03-1977

Ques No.10: Malik Miraj Khalid

Ans: 27-03-1977 To 05-07-1977

Ques No.11: Syed Fakhar Imam

Ans: 22-03-1985 To 26-05-1986

Ques No.12: Mr. Hamid Nasir Chattha

Ans: 31-05-1986 To 03-12-1988

Ques No.13: Malik Miraj Khalid

Ans: 03-12-1988 To 04-11-1990

Ques No.14: Mr. Gohar Ayub Khan

Ans: 04-11-1990 To 17-10-1993

Ques No.15: Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani

Ans: 17-10-1993 To 16-02-1997

Ques No.16: Mr. Illahi Bukhsh Soomro

Ans: 16-02-1997 To 20-08-2001

Ques No.17: Chaudhry Amir Hussain

Ans: 19-11-2002 To 19-03-2008

Ques No.18: Dr. Fahmida Mirza

Ans: 19-03-2008 To 03-06-2013

Ques No.19: Sardar Ayaz Sadiq

Ans: 03-06-2013 To 22-08-2015

Ques No.20: Mr Murtaza Javed Abbasi

Ans: 22-08-2015 To 09-11-2015

Ques No.21: Sardar Ayaz Sadiq

Ans: 09-11-2015 To 15-08-2018

Ques No.22: Mr. Asad Qaiser

Ans: 15-08-2018 To date

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