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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 83

Ques No.1: Changa Manga Forest and National Park is located near the

Ans: Lahore

Ques NO.2: Badshahi Mosque located in Lahore was built by

Ans: Aurangzeb Alamgir

Ques No.3: Shalimar Garden is located in the city of

Ans: Lahore

Ques No.4: Shalimar Garden was built in

Ans: 1642

Ques No.5: Badshahi Mosque was built in

Ans: 1674

Ques No.6: Noor Jahan Tomb is located in

Ans: Lahore

Ques No.7: Lahore was properly walled city surrounded by how many gates?

Ans: 12

Ques No.8: Qutub-ud-Din Aibek tomb is located in

Ans: Lahore

Ques No.9: Gudwara Panja Sahib is located in

Ans: Hasan Abdal

Ques No.10: Shah Faisal Mosque is located in

Ans: Islamabad

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