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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 8

Ques No.1: On 9 Feb, 2014 the Provincial Government of...........launched Green Growth Initiative (GGI) to end power outages in the province.

Ans: KPK

Ques No.2: The media watchdog group "Reporters without Borders" said in a report that "........remains one of the most dangerous contries in the world" for working journalists.

Ans: Pakistan

Ques No.3: Animals Husbandary University is working at

Ans: Lahore

Ques No.4: How much of the total area is cultivated in Pakistan

Ans: 45%

Ques No.5: Which one is the dominat source of Foreign Exchange Earning

Ans: Agriculture

Ques No.6: Which one of the following is the largest sector of Pakistan's economy

Ans: Agriculture

Ques No.7: Which crops are sown in Rabi season

Ans: All of them

Ques No.8: How much of the total area cultivated is under irrigation system

Ans: 70%

Ques No.9: The period of Rabi season is

Ans: October-May

Ques No.10: Which is the biggest Thermal Power Station in Pakistan

Ans: Guddu

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