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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 70

Ques No.1: Construction area of Tarbela Dam is__________KM.

Ans: 168,000

Ques No.2: The Construction of Tarbela Dam is started in__________

Ans: 1968

Ques No.3: The next biggest Dam in Pakistan after the Tarbela is________

Ans: Mangla Dam

Ques No.4: In which year the Mangla Dam are completed?

Ans: 1967

Ques No.5: The cost of Mangala Dam is____________

Ans: $1.473 Billion

Ques No.6: In which year the Mirani Dam are completed?

Ans: October 2006

Ques No.7: Balloki Head Barrage is located in__________

Ans: Bhai Pheru Lahore

Ques No.8: Chachma Barrage is located in___________

Ans: Mianwali

Ques No.9: Guddu Barrage is located in__________

Ans: Kashmore

Ques No.10: Head Islam Barrage is located in__________

Ans: Hasilpur

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