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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 65

Ques No.1: First head of state to visit Pakistan in 1947 was

Ans: Ameer of Kuwait

Ques No.2: India stopped the passage of water from the rivers Ravi and Sutluj in

Ans: April 1948

Ques No.3: Quaid-i-Azam relief fund was set up in

Ans: September 1947

Ques No.4: India and Pakistan mutually came to an agreement that Pakistan would get__________Rs. as her share.

Ans: 750 crore

Ques No.5: Pakistan Fund was setup by Quaid in

Ans: June, 1947

Ques No.6: State Bank of Pakistan was inaugurated by Quaid in

Ans: July 1948

Ques No.7: White strip in the flag was added in August 1947. When was moon and star added in the flag

Ans: February, 1949

Ques No.8: Who was called the iron man of NWFP

Ans: Khan Qayyum Khan

Ques No.9: Peer Sahib Manki Shareef founded the following party in September 1949

Ans: Awami Muslim League

Ques No.10: First Finance Minister of Pakistan was

Ans: Ghulam Muhammad

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