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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 56

Ques No.1: Who was the first Muslim C-in-C of Air Force?

Ans: Air Marshal Asghar Khan

Ques No.2: Who was the first Muslim C-in-C of Pakistan Navy?

Ans: Admiral Mohammad Siddique

Ques NO.3: The largest cantonment of Pakistan Army is located in?

Ans: Kharian

Ques No.4: HIT stands for

Ans: Heavy Industries Taxila

Ques NO.5: At the time of 1971 War the C-in-C of Pak Army was___________.

Ans: General Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan

Ques No.6: At the time of Kargil in 1999 the Chief of Army Staff was____________.

Ans: General Parvez Musharaf

Ques No.7: Tell the name of Chief of Staff of Pak Army who died in uniform?

Ans: A&B

Ques NO.8: The name of first Pakistan made sub Marine is___________.

Ans: Augusta 90B

Ques NO.9: The name of first Pakistani Aircraft is___________.

Ans: JF7 Thunder

Ques No.10: In which of the following city the headquarters of Punjab Rangers is located?

Ans: Lahore

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