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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 53

Ques No.1: About which place it is said that "there cooking is forbidden"?

Ans: Hunza

Ques No.2: Which Valley is called "Pearl of Himalaya"?

Ans: Kaghan

Ques NO.3: Baltura Glacier is located in_________

Ans: Gilgit Baltistan

Ques No.4: Batora Glacier is located in__________

Ans: Gilgit Baltistan

Ques No.5: The length of Saiachen Glacier is__________

Ans: 75 Km

Ques NO.6: What is length of Baltur Glacier is___________

Ans: 62 Km

Ques No.7: Identify the second highest Glacier of the world___________

Ans: Siachin Glacier

Ques NO.8: What is the height of Siachin Glacier___________

Ans: 20,000 feet

Ques No.9: What is the length of Batura Glacier____________

Ans: 55

Ques NO.10: GHQ Stands for

Ans: General Head Quarters

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