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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 49

Ques No.1: Shah Abdul Latif is the author of_______

Ans: Shah Jo Risalo

Ques No.2: Risalo is the best known collection of romantic poetry in the______ Language.

Ans: Sindhi

Ques No.3: Which city of the Sindh is popular for woodwork industry?

Ans: Hala

Ques No.4: Which city is on the border of Sindh and Punjab Provinces?

Ans: Kashmore

Ques No.5: Malakhra is a traditional game of __________

Ans: Sindh

Ques No.6: The shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi is located in_______

Ans: Karachi

Ques No.7: First Capital of Pakistan was______

Ans: Karachi

Ques No.8: The Largest Coal Reservoir are found in______

Ans: Thar

Ques No.9: The capital of KPK is________

Ans: Peshawar

Ques No.10: Who was the first Chief Minister of KPK?

Ans: Khan Abdul Qayyum Khan

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