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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 42

Ques No.1: The karez is a system of_________

Ans: Underground irrigation system

Ques No.2: The important minerals of Balochistan are coal, gold, chrome, fluorite, sulphur, quartz and_______

Ans: Marble

Ques No.3: The Pakistan’s fruits garden is_______

Ans: Baluchistan

Ques No.4: Which area of Pakistan is famous for applies, melons, grapes, apricots, almonds, cherries, and peaches?

Ans: Baluchistan

Ques No.5: A deep sea port being built in Balochistan Province is________

Ans: Gwadar

Ques No.6: Quetta was almost completely destroyed because of the great earthquake on_______

Ans: 31st May, 1935

Ques No.7: How many people were killed in Quetta in the earth quake?

Ans: 35000

Ques No.8: The Murdar Mountain is situated near__________

Ans: Quetta

Ques No.9: Hanna Lake is located in_________

Ans: Baluchistan

Ques No.10: The Quaid-e-Azam stayed during his last illness in 1948 in_______

Ans: Ziarat

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