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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 39

Ques No.1: Chauburji is located in_________

Ans: Lahore

Ques No.2: Haran Minar is located in________

Ans: Sheikhupura

Ques No.3: Identify the area of mongo production?

Ans: Multan

Ques No.4: Head Ganda Singh is situated on the river________

Ans: Sutlej

Ques No.5: The Grand Trunk Road (G.T.Road) starts from Calcutta and ends at_______

Ans: Kabul

Ques No.6: The old name of G.T road is________

Ans: Shahi Road

Ques No.7: The G.T Road is______ year old.

Ans: 480

Ques No.8: GT Road was built by_________

Ans: Sher Shah Suri

Ques No.9: How many rivers GT Road crosses from Islamabad to Lahore?

Ans: 4

Ques No.10: Which city is famous for high quality sports equipment in the world?

Ans: Sialkot

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