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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 37

Ques No.1: Hazrat Ali Hajveri came to Lahore in 1039 from______

Ans: Ghazni

Ques NO.2: Which tower of Pakistan is called modern Eiffel Tower?

Ans: Minar-e-Pakistan

Ques No.3: Where are some hair Mubarak of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Kept?

Ans: Badshahi Mosque

Ques No.4: Allama Iqbal is buried________

Ans: Just outside the Badshahi Mosque

Ques No.5: Allama Iqbal’s Tomb was built in______

Ans: 1951

Ques No.6: The tomb of Allma Iqbal is constructed by______

Ans: Red Sandstone

Ques No.7: The Wazir Khan’s Mosque is located in______

Ans: Lahore

Ques No.8: Where is the tomb of Jahangir?

Ans: Shahdara

Ques No.9: Khewra is famous for_______

Ans: Salt Mines

Ques No.10: Kamran’s Baradari is located in_______

Ans: Lahore

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