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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 35

Ques NO.1: The Nishtar Hospital is situated in_________

Ans: Multan

Ques No.2: The new name of Lyallpur is

Ans: Faisalabad

Ques NO.3: The third largest city of the Pakistan is________

Ans: Faisalabad

Ques No.4: Faisalabad was found in 1890 by_______

Ans: Sir James Lyall

Ques NO.5: Faisalabad is also known as__________

Ans: Manchester of Pakistan

Ques No.6: Chiniot city is known for its woodwork and___________

Ans: Bus body work

Ques NO.7: Harappa is situated near_________

Ans: Sahiwal

Ques No.8: The shrine of khawaja Noor Muhammad Moharvi Chishti is situated in______

Ans: Chishtian

Ques No.9: To which order of Sufis Baba Fareed Shakar Gung belonged?

Ans: Chishtia

Ques No.10: Baba Fareed Shakar Gunj was the first Poet of_________

Ans: Punjabi

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