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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 300

Ques No.1: Barcelona is a largest port Chief commercial, educational and industrial center of

Ans: Spain

Ques No.2: Bamako is the capital and big trading center of

Ans: Mali

Ques No.3: How many total religions are in the world?

Ans: 4200

Ques No.4: Which is the world's oldest religion?

Ans: Hinduism

Ques No.5: Which is the largest religion in the world?

Ans: Christianity

Ques NO.6: When was Buddhism founded?

Ans: 523 BC

Ques No.7: Who was the founder of Protestant sect of Christianity?

Ans: Martin Luther

Ques No.8: Confucianism is the main religion of__________

Ans: China and Taiwan

Ques No.9: Which of the following is the sacred text of the Confucianists?

Ans: The Analects

Ques No.10: Where was Jesus Christ born?

Ans: Jerusalem

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