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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 286

Ques No.1: A piece of land surrounded by water on three sides is called

Ans: Peninsula

Ques No.2: Which is the largest island in Indian ocean?

Ans: Madagascar

Ques No.3: Alexandria is the seaport of

Ans: Egypt

Ques No.4: Which American state is nicknamed The Diamond State

Ans: Delaware

Ques No.5: Aqaba is the famous seaport of

Ans: Jordan

Ques No.6: Amsterdam is the seaport of Netherlands which of the following is seaport of Belgium?

Ans: Antwerp

Ques No.7: Naples is the sea port of

Ans: Italy

Ques No.8: Le Harve is the seaport of

Ans: France

Ques No.9: Penang is the seaport of

Ans: Malaysia

Ques No.10: Latakia is the seaport of

Ans: Syria

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