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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 268

Ques No.1: What is the average depth of Arctic Ocean?

Ans: 1205 meters

Ques No.2: What is the average depth of Atlantic Ocean?

Ans: 3926 meters

Ques No.3: What is the average depth of Indian Ocean?

Ans: 3963 meters

Ques No.4: Which of the following sea separates Asia from Africa?

Ans: Red Sea

Ques No.5: What is the total Area of Pacific Ocean?

Ans: 155557,000 sq.km

Ques No.6: Which is the smallest sea of the world?

Ans: Baltic Sea

Ques No.7: Red Sea is situated in the Ocean?

Ans: Indian Ocean

Ques No.8: Caspian Sea, Dead Sea and Aral sea are actually

Ans: Lakes

Ques No.9: Sumatra Island is situated in

Ans: Indian Ocean

Ques No.10: What is the area covered by South China Sea?

Ans: 29,74,600 sq.km

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