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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 264

Ques No.1: Which is the second longest river of America?

Ans: Missouri

Ques No.2: Don is a river of

Ans: Russia

Ques NO.3: Budapest is the capital of Hungary situated on the bank of

Ans: River Danube

Ques No.4: Paris is the capital of France situated on the bank of

Ans: Seine

Ques No.5: Agra is a very famous city of India due to Taj Mahal, it is situated on the bank of the river

Ans: Jumna

Ques No.6: Oxus River is flowing between

Ans: Afghanistan and Tajikistan

Ques No.7: Which of the following rivers is called Father of Rivers

Ans: Indus

Ques No.8: What is the source of Yellow River?

Ans: Mt. of China Kunlan

Ques No.9: What is the total length of Amazon River?

Ans: 6448 Km

Ques No.10: Yangtze Kiang River is located in

Ans: China

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