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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 260

Ques No.1: NATO is a/an__________alliance.

Ans: Military

Ques No.2: The oldest news agency in the world is?

Ans: AFP

Ques No.3: The Suez Canal is in

Ans: Egypt

Ques NO.4: The Delaware river is in

Ans: United States

Ques No.5: The main structural work of the Eiffel Tower was completed in?

Ans: 1989

Ques No.6: The height of Eiffel Tower is__________feet.

Ans: 1063

Ques No.7: Reuters is the news agency of

Ans: United Kingdom

Ques NO.8: WAFA is the news agency of

Ans: Palestine

Ques No.9: The capital of Saudi Arabia is?

ANs: Riyadh

Ques No.10: The currency of Qatar is?

Ans: Riyal

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