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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 259

Ques No.1: The first Secretary General of United Nations was?

Ans: Trygue Lie

Ques No.2: World War I was began in?

Ans: 1914

Ques No.3: World War I was ended in?

Ans: 1918

Ques NO.4: World War II was began in?

Ans: 1939

Ques No.5: World War II was ended in?

Ans: 1945

Ques No.6: The world's deadliest conflict was?

Ans: World War II

Ques No.7: The Atomic Bomb was dropeed on the city of Hiroshima on?

Ans: 6th August, 1945

Ques No.8: What was the name of Atomci Bomb that dropped on the city of Hiroshima?

Ans: Little boy

Ques No.9: The Atomic Bomb was dropped on the city of Nagasaki on?

Ans: 9th August, 1945

Ques No.10: What was the name of Atomic Bomb that dropped on the city of Nagasaki?

Ans: Fat man

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