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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 255

Ques No.1: The highest part of the Earth is

Ans: Mount Everest

Ques No.2: The lowest part of the Earth isq

Ans: Dead Sea

Ques No.3: The deepest part of the Earth is

Ans: Mariana Trench

Ques No.4: The headquarter of Amnesty International is in

Ans: London

Ques NO.5: The headquarter of Transparency International is in

Ans: Berlin

Ques No.6: The largest Island of the World is

Ans: Greenland

Ques NO.7: 22 April is observed Internationally as

Ans: Earth Day

Ques No.8: Yellow Sea lies between

Ans: China and Korea

Ques No.9: The smallest Sea of the World is

Ans: Baltic Sea

Ques No.10: World's famous bridge "Golden Gate Bridge" is in

Ans: San Francisco

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