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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 250

Ques No.1: Which country contains the most volcanoes in the world?

Ans: Indonesia

Ques No.2: Which country is the lowest in the world?

Ans: Maldives

Ques No.3: Which country recognizes the highest number of official languages?

Ans: South Africa

Ques No.4: The constitution of South Africa recognizes_______________official languages.

Ans: 11

Ques No.5: Which country is completely surrounded by South Africa?

Ans: Lesotho

Ques No.6: The Komodo dragons are found in

Ans: Indonesia

Ques No.7: Jeju Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located in

Ans: South Korea

Ques No.8: Borobudur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in

Ans: Indonesia

Ques No.9: The Orange River flows in

Ans: South Africa

Ques No.10: The Chapultepec Castle is located in

Ans: Mexico

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