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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 25

Ques No.1: Who presented a resolution for the formation for All India Muslim League?

Ans: Salim-ul-Mulk

Ques No.2: Nawab Salim Ullah Khan was the founder of which new political party of Muslims?

Ans: All India Muslim Confederacy

Ques NO.3: All India Muslim League was found?

Ans: 30 December, 1906

Ques NO.4: Who was the first president of All India Muslim League?

Ans: Nawab Saleem Ullah

Ques No.5: The first secretary of All India Muslim League was?

Ans: Zafar ul Khan

Ques No.6: Which organization was set up by Syed Amir Ali in London?

Ans: Muhammadan Association

Ques No.7: Gwadar Port is Constructed in the province of

Ans: Balochistan

Ques No.8: How many stanzas are there in Pakistan national anthem?

Ans: Three

Ques No.9: What was the old name of PIA

Ans: Orient Airways

Ques No.10: What official name was given to Pakistan in 1956 constitution?

Ans: Islamic Republic of Pakistan

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