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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 245

Ques No.1: Coldest place

Ans: Vostok in Antarctic

Ques No.2: Rainiest place

Ans: Cherrapunji India

Ques No.3: Highest airport

Ans: La Sa (Lhasa) Airport in Tibet, China

Ques No.4: Oldest written language

Ans: Chinese

Ques No.5: Oldest spoken language

Ans: Chinese

Ques No.6: Language with most letters

Ans: Cambodian

Ques No.7: Largest Library

Ans: The United States Library of Congress

Ques No.8: Urdu was declared national language of Pakistan in:

Ans: April, 1954

Ques No.9: In which province maximum languages are spoken?

Ans: Balochistan

Ques No.10: Word Urdu means:

Ans: Army

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