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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 244

Ques No.1: Largest wheat exporter

Ans: The USA

Ques No.2: Largest Coffee producer

Ans: Brazil

Ques No.3: Largest jute producer

Ans: India

Ques No.4: Country with the shortest coastline

Ans: Manaco

Ques No.5: Country with the longest coastline

Ans: Canada

Ques No.6: Longest tunnel

Ans: The New York City West Delaware water supply tunnel, (169 Km, long and diameter 4.1 m).

Ques No.7: Longest Under - Sea tunnel

Ans: Seikan Rail tunnel, Japan (length of 53.85 Km).

Ques No.8: Longest road tunnel

Ans: The St. Gothard Road Tunel in Switzerland (16.32 Km)

Ques No.9: Largest natural gas deposit

Ans: Russia

Ques No.10: Hottest place al-aziziyah

Ans: Tripoli, Libya

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