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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 240

Ques No.1: Largest Sea

Ans: The South China Sea

Ques No.2: Largest gulf

Ans: The Gulf of Mexico

Ques No.3: Largest bay

Ans: The Bay of Bengal

Ques No.4: Highest mountain peak

Ans: Mount Everest, 8850 m. high, Mauna Loa, Hawaii

Ques No.5: Largest Planet

Ans: Jupiter

Ques No.6: Smallest planet

Ans: Mercury

Ques No.7: Coldest planet

Ans: Neptune

Ques No.8: Hottest plant

Ans: Venus

Ques No.9: Planet nearest to the Earth

Ans: Venus

Ques No.10: Fastest Planet

Ans: Mercury

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