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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 238

Ques No.1: Biggest bicycle producer

Ans: China

Ques No.2: Technologically the most advance country

Ans: The USA

Ques No.3: Longest wall

Ans: The Great Wall of China

Ques No.4: Least populous continent

Ans: Australia

Ques No.5: Uninhabited continent

Ans: Antarctica

Ques No.6: Largest country in the land size

And: Russia

Ques No.7: Smallest Country

Ans: State of Vatican City

Ques No.8: Largest democracy

Ans: India

Ques No.9: Smallest republic

Ans: Nauru

Ques No.10: Largest Island

Ans: Kalaallit Nunaat (formerly Greenland)

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