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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 234

Ques No.1: First artificial satellite

Ans: Sputnik, of the former Soviet Union

Ques No.2: First man to receive an artificial heart

Ans: Dr. Barney B Clark

Ques No.3: First test-tube baby

Ans: Louie Brown

Ques No.4: First liver transplant recipient

Ans: Lchirou Tsuruyama of Japan

Ques No.5: Deadliest desease


Ques No.6: Leading nuclear electricity producing country

Ans: The USA

Ques No.7: First nuclear power station producing electricity

Ans: USA

Ques No.8: Most Commonest element in the atmosphere

Ans: Nitrogen

Ques No.9: Most common element in the Universe

Ans: Hydrogen (H)

Ques No.10: Largest natural gas producer

Ans: Russia

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