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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 227

Ques No.1: In which discipline United States holds record for maximum number of Nobel Prize awards?

Ans: Medecine-Physiology

Ques NO.2: Marie Curie received the 1903 Nobel Prize in Physics, and the 1911 Nobel Prize in

Ans: Chemistry

Ques No.3: Which of the following statements in respect of Nobel Prize in incorrect?

Ans: The Nobel Prize for Economics was awarded in 1967

Ques No.4: In which years there were no Nobel Prize awards made in any of the categories?

Ans: 1940-42

Ques No.5: What is the fuction of "Swedish Academy of Science" in awarding Nobel prizes?

And: It deals with both physics and chemistry

Ques No.6: What is the role of "Stockholm Faculty of Medicine" in awarding Nobel Prizes?

Ans: It deals with awards connected with Medicine or Physiology

Ques No.7: Who won first Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1901?

Ans: Jackes Wan Half

Ques No.8: Nobel Prize Economics is known as

Ans: Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics Sciences

Ques No.9: Who was the first Asian to have received the Nobel Prize?

Ans: eR.N.Tagore

Ques No.10: The Nobel Prize has been awarded in_______

Ans: 6

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