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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 220

Ques No.1: Germany and Combined forces of Austria, Prussia and Russia defeated Napoleon in 1813 A the Battle?

Ans: Battle of Leipzig

Ques NO.2: First China War fought (1839-42 A.D.) between China and Britain is known as_______

Ans: Opium Was

Ques No.3: Boston Tea Party is associated with

Ans: American Independence

Ques No.4: "Phony War" is associated with the invasion by_______

Ans: Germany of Norway and Denmark

Ques No.5: Russia and Japan fought a War in 1903 AD. Russia was defeated. The War is called______

Ans: Russ-Japanese War

Ques No.6: The murder of Archduke Ferdinand, the heir to Austrain throne became the immediate cause of whcih war?

Ans: World War-I

Ques No.7: 1st World War continued for________

Ans: 4 years

Ques No.8: Germany was defeated by England in a vaval battle fought in 1916. Name the battle________

Ans: Battle of Jutland

Ques No.9: After the World War-II, Germany was divided into East Germany and West Germany: West Germany was given under the control of_______

Ans: France, England and USA

Ques No.10: Why American War of Independence broke out?

Ans: Unjustified and oppressive controls and checks imposed on Trade by Britain

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