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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 22

Ques No.1: In ministries of Congress the National Song was?

Ans: Nia Shiwala

Ques No.2: What was the name of report, prepared by committee appointed by the Muslim League, to inquire into the Muslim grievances in the Congress-governed provinces?

Ans: Mehdi Report

Ques No.3: In Which year congress quit ministries?

Ans: November 1939

Ques NO.4: In which pretext congress quit ministries?

Ans: Viceroy had proclaimed a state of war against Germany

Ques No.5: Who built Jahangir’s Tomb?

Ans: Noor Jahan

Ques No.6: Who was the president of Pirpur Committee?

Ans: Raja Mahdi Khan

Ques No.7: Muslim league celebrated 'Deliverance Day' all over the subcontinent?

Ans: 22nd December 1941

Ques No.8: Why did Muslim League observe 'Deliverance Day' on the appeal of Quaid-i-Azam?

Ans: end of British Govt

Ques No.9: Chaudhuri Rehmat All issued an appeal for the partition of sub-continent in?

Ans: 1930

Ques No.10: Who was the Author of Pamphlet 'Now of Never'?

Ans: Ch. Rehmat Ali

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