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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 202

Ques No.1: Congonhas is the name of________

Ans: Airport of Brazil

Ques No.2: Chaklala is the airport of________

Ans: Pakistan

Ques No.3: Bandranaike is the name________

Ans: Airport of Sir Lanka

Ques No.4: Gatwick is the international airport of_______

Ans: UK

Ques No.5: Jeddah is the airport of_______

Ans: Saudi Arabia

Ques No.6: Sherenetyevo is the name of airport of________

Ans: Russia

Ques No.7: What is the name of Lahore airport?

Ans: Allama Iqbal Airport

Ques No.8: Fornebu is the name of airport of________

Ans: Norway

Ques No.9: Hisa Hito is the name of the airport of_______

Ans: Japan

Ques No.10: Somaniya airport is the international airport of______

Ans: Chad

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