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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 198

Ques No.1: What is dittology

Ans: Double meaning

Ques No.2: Who played Pink in the movie The Wall

Ans: Bob Geldorf

Ques No.3: Rhabdophobia fear of what

Ans: Being Beaten

Ques No.4: Dr C W Long was the first to use what (anaesthetic) in 1842

Ans: Ether

Ques No.5: Hey Big Spender comes from what musical

Ans: Sweet Charity

Ques No.6: Jamie Farr played what role in MASH

Ans: Corporal Clinger

Ques No.7: Whets the correct name for golf club called Texas Wedge

Ans: Putter

Ques No.8: Whose nickname was slowhand (both names)

Ans: Eric Clapton

Ques No.9: Which country invented the mariners compass

Ans: China

Ques No.10: What countries international car registration letters are DZ

Ans: Algeria

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