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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 193

Ques No.1: In which USA state is Churchill Downs racetrack

Ans: Louisville Kentucky

Ques No.2: In 1867 Lucian B Smith invented what restraint

Ans: Barbed Wire

Ques No.3: In 1961 which Henry Mancini record won Grammy record of year

Ans: Moon River

Ques NO.4: What links Willie Brant, Lech Walesa, Yasser Arafat

Ans: Nobel Peace Prize

Ques No.5: Which countries government spends most in social security %

Ans: Uruguay

Ques No.6: Archaeopteryx was the first what

Ans: Bird

Ques No.7: In 1810 in England Peter Durand invented what

Ans: Tin can (food)

Ques No.8: Who was offered the presidency of Israel in 1952 (turned down)

Ans: Albert Einstein

Ques No.9: What is the oldest known infectious disease

Ans: Leprosy

Ques No.10: A JPEG is a picture file format - what does JPEG stand for

Ans: Joint Photographic Experts Group

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