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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 181

Ques No.1: What was the name of Norse God Thor's hammer

Ans: Mjolnir

Ques No.2: Who ordered John the Baptists execution

Ans: King Herod

Ques No.3: What was Walt Disney's first cartoon character

Ans: Oswald the Rabbit

Ques No.4: What medication discovered in 1928 but introduced 1940

Ans: Penicillin

Ques No.5: Who wrote Beau Geste

Ans: PC Wren

Ques No.6: Prophesied the Chalus the Greek - Die on day - did of what

Ans: Laughing cos he was not dead

Ques No.7: Who is Aladdin's father

Ans: Mustapha the tailor

Ques No.8: What American state is the Badger state

Ans: Wisconsin

Ques No.9: Why was Fred Lorz disqualified 1904 Olympic marathon

Ans: Hitched a lift passing car

Ques No.10: In China what colour does the bride traditionally wear

Ans: Red

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