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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 18

Ques No.1: Indian Patriotic Association was found by?

Ans: Sir Syed

Ques No.2: Which Act opened the door for the election in India for the imperial as well as provincial council is?

Ans: Indian Council Act, 1892

Ques No.3: The Muslims of India were not happy with the 1892 Act because?

Ans: The Hindu influence was to increase

Ques No.4: Nawab Abdul Latif started educational mission for Muslims in?

Ans: Bengal

Ques No.5: Nawab Abdul Latif found the Muhammadan Literary Society in April 1863 at?

Ans: Calcutta

Ques No.6: The objects of Muhammad Literary Society were?

Ans: Both of them

Ques No.7: Muhammad Literary Society declared the India as?

Ans: Dar-ul-Islam

Ques No.8: Barahman Samaj movement was found by?

Ans: Raja Ram Mohash Roy

Ques No.9: What were the objectives of Brahman Samaj?

Ans: Reforms in Hinduism

Ques No.10: Anti Muslim Hindu Movement was?

Ans: Arya Samaj

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