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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 179

Ques No.1: What is Steganography

Ans: Invisible ink writing

Ques No.2: An Albert chain is usually attached to what

Ans: Watch

Ques No.3: An unkindness is a group of what birds

Ans: Ravens

Ques No.4: A fellmonger deals in what items

Ans: Animal skins

Ques No.5: What colour habit do Franciscan monks wear

Ans: Grey

Ques No.6: Nenen-Kona is sold in Russia - what do we call it

Ans: Pepsi-Cola

Ques No.7: Hugh Lofting created which famous character

Ans: Doctor Dolittle

Ques No.8: What was the name of Russian bear mascot 1980 Olympics

Ans: Mischa

Ques No.9: What ingredient must French ice cream contain by law

Ans: Eggs

Ques No.10: A kindle is the name for a group of what young animals

Ans: Kittens

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