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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 177

Ques No.1: What was the name of Dr Dolittle’s Parrot

Ans: Polynesia

Ques No.2: What was the name of William Tells son (the apple head boy)

Ans: Walter

Ques No.3: Laika was the first ever dog to do what

Ans: Go into space

Ques No.4: Where could you spend a Markka

Ans: Finland

Ques No.5: What links a bick, throat, half swage, punching hole

Ans: Anvil they are parts of it

Ques No.6: The Fagus is the Latin name of what type of tree

Ans: Beech

Ques No.7: If you have Chlorosis what colour does the skin go

Ans: Green

Ques No.8: The French say Bis - what word do the English use

Ans: Encore

Ques No.9: Of what are Karakul, Texel, Romney Marsh types

Ans: Sheep

Ques No.10: What is biltong

Ans: Dried meat

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