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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 176

Ques No.1: What nationality was Oddjob

Ans: Korean

Ques No.2: What is a Knout

Ans: Russian flogging whip

Ques No.3: What language has the most words

Ans: English

Ques No.4: Which film star used to be a circus acrobat

Ans: Burt Lancaster

Ques No.5: The comma bacillus causes what disease

Ans: Cholera

Ques No.6: Which country invented Venetian Blinds

Ans: Japan

Ques No.7: What is a quadriga

Ans: Roman 4 horse chariot

Ques No.8: What is a brickfielder

Ans: Hot SE Aussie wind

Ques No.9: Pupik means belly button in what language

Ans: Yiddish

Ques No.10: What is the main ingredient in Borsch

Ans: Beetroot

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