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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 174

Ques No.1: Joseph Lister - first operation antiseptic - 1867 on who

Ans: His sister

Ques No.2: What was Black Beauties original name

Ans: Darkie

Ques No.3: Who was the original Peeping Tom looking at

Ans: Lady Godiva

Ques No.4: What element is present in all organic compounds

Ans: Carbon

Ques No.5: What was Professor Moriarties first name

Ans: James

Ques No.6: Who was known as the Little Brown Saint

Ans: Ghandi

Ques No.7: Who rode a horse called Morengo

Ans: Napoleon at Waterloo

Ques No.8: A skulk is a group of which animals

Ans: Foxes

Ques No.9: Who defended World heavyweight title twice on same night in 1906

Ans: Tommy Burns – both 1st KOs

Ques No.10: What part of an aircraft is the empennage

Ans: Tail Unit

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