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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 17

Ques No.1: Sir Syed found a scientific society at Ghazipur in?

Ans: 1862

Ques No.2: M.A.O. High School Aligarh was elevated to the status of College in?

Ans: 1877

Ques No.3: Aligarh College was upgraded to the status of University in?

Ans: 1920

Ques NO.4: The book entitled "The Indian Musalmans" was written by William Hunter in?

Ans: 1871

Ques No.5: Sir Syed advised the Muslims to get?

Ans: Education

Ques No.6: Sir Syed described ethical aspects of the Muslim Culture in?

Ans: Khutbat-e-Ahmadia

Ques No.7: For the protection of Urdu Anjuman-e-Tarakki-e-Urdu was found by?

Ans: Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

Ques No.8: In his earlier life Sir Syed was in favour of?

Ans: Hindu Muslim unity

Ques NO.9: Sir Syed Ahmed Khan introduced?

Ans: Two Nation theory

Ques No.10: Indian Patriotic Association was found in?

Ans: 1861

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