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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 168

Ques No.1: The penny black - worlds first stamp - what was second

Ans: Two penny Blue

Ques No.2: Which country produces Tokay

Ans: Hungary

Ques No.3: Where could you legally flash your dong - then spend it

Ans: Vietnam currency

Ques No.4: The Bald Eagle is Americas bird - What is Britain's

Ans: Robin

Ques No.5: Australian Clement Wragge instituted what

Ans: Naming Hurricanes

Ques No.6: What does Zip stand for in the American Zip Code

Ans: Zone Improvement Plan

Ques No.7: What wood is plywood mostly made from

Ans: Birch

Ques No.8: What is a Hummum

Ans: Turkish bath

Ques No.9: In which sport are left handed people banned from playing

Ans: Polo

Ques No.10: What food was invented in a sanatorium in 1890

Ans: Kellogg corn flakes

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