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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 167

Ques No.1: Who composed the Air for the G string (init and name)

Ans: JS Bach

Ques No.2: What were Twinkletoes - Lucky Jim (stuffed cats) first to do

Ans: Fly across Atlantic Alcock Brown

Ques No.3: What are kreplach

Ans: Jewish ravioli

Ques No.4: The pica pica is what common bird

Ans: Magpie

Ques No.5: What male human feature was taxed in Elizabethan times

Ans: Beards

Ques No.6: Which record company rejected the Beatles as being past it

Ans: Decca

Ques No.7: From which country does spinach originate

Ans: Iran

Ques No.8: British policemen have truncheons what is USA equivalent

Ans: Nightstick

Ques No.9: In DC comics Linda Lee Danvers is whose alter ego

Ans: Supergirl

Ques No.10: In what country does the cow tree grow - sap looks tastes milk

Ans: Venezuela

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