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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 140

Ques No.1: From what language does the word alphabet come

Ans: Greek -alpha beta

Ques No.2: In the nursery rhyme what is Fridays child

Ans: Loving and Giving

Ques No.3: What was the first film made in cinemascope

Ans: The robe

Ques No.4: Where was the battle of Hastings fought

Ans: Senlac hill

Ques No.5: A pearmain is what type of fruit

Ans: Apple

Ques No.6: What colour is the bull on an archery target

Ans: Gold

Ques No.7: What was the Rolling Stones first no 1 hit

Ans: Its all over now

Ques No.8: Name both rival gangs in West Side Story

Ans: Sharks Jets

Ques No.9: In golf what do the Americans call an albatross

Ans: Double Eagle

Ques No.10: Which classical composer wrote the Hungarian Rhapsody

Ans: Franz Liszt

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