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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 138

Ques No.1: Who was John Dawkins better known as

Ans: Artful Dodger

Ques No.2: Which film star has his statue in Leicester Square

Ans: Charlie Chaplin

Ques No.3: Virginia McMath became famous as which actress

Ans: Ginger Rodgers

Ques No.4: What is the name of Captain Ahab's ship

Ans: Peaquod

Ques No.5: Roosevelt won the 1932 election - who lost it

Ans: Herbert Hoover

Ques No.6: Who wrote The History of Mr Polly

Ans: H G Wells

Ques No.7: What is the first day of Lent

Ans: Ash Wednesday

Ques No.8: Mr Chips said goodbye - from which fictional school

Ans: Brookfield

Ques No.9: Who buried the treasure on Treasure Island

Ans: Captain Flint

Ques No.10: Which TV series was narrated by Walter Winchell

Ans: The Untouchables

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