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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 134

Ques No.1: Which countries men use the most deodorant

Ans: Japan

Ques No.2: Who played Billy the Kid in The Left Handed Gun

Ans: Paul Newman

Ques No.3: What was the first credit card

Ans: Diners Club

Ques NO.4: What links Humphry Davie, Michael Faraday, Madam Curie

Ans: Poisoned by chemicals work

Ques No.5: Hippophagic society members support what

Ans: Eating horsemeat

Ques No.6: What did Britain swap Havana for with Spain in 1763

Ans: Florida

Ques No.7: What is the crime of embracery

Ans: Jury Bribing

Ques No.8: Which country made the worlds first feature film in 1906

Ans: Australia Story of Kelly gang

Ques No.9: Who wrote Gentlemen Prefer Blonds

Ans: Anita Loos

Ques No.10: What was Norman Bates hobby in Psycho

Ans: Stuffing birds

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