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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 133

Ques No.1: Gregory Pincus, John Rock, Gerhart Domangk developed what

Ans: Oral Contraceptive

Ques No.2: The Gloucester E 28/39 first flew in 1941 - what was unusual

Ans: Whittle Jet Engine

Ques No.3: Women compete between USA and UK in Wightman Cup - Sport

Ans: Tennis

Ques No.4: Woolworth's - the 5 /10 cent store started in which us state 1979

Ans: Lancaster Pennsylvania

Ques No.5: Which actress starred in the original King Kong in 1933 (both)

Ans: Fay Wray

Ques No.6: Except Australia 1 New Zealand 1 USA all since 1870 want?

Ans: America's Cup

Ques No.7: What's missing from ale that’s included in beer

Ans: Hops

Ques No.8: Until 1971 what was the name of Zaire

Ans: Congo

Ques No.9: Karl Lienstater discovered which medical breakthrough in 1901

Ans: ABO Blood Groups

Ques No.10: Who is the only American president elected unopposed

Ans: George Washington 1798,1792

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