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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 127

Ques No.1: What religion links Weasak, Dhrammacacka, and Bhodi day

Ans: Buddhist

Ques No.2: Linus Torwalds invented and wrote what

Ans: Linux computer operating system

Ques No.3: The bander macaque has which commoner name

Ans: Rhesus Monkey

Ques No.4: Zambia and Zimbabwe used to be called what

Ans: Rhodesia

Ques No.5: What is the staple food of one third of the worlds population

Ans: Rice

Ques No.6: Paul Robeson the singer of old man river had what profession

Ans: Lawyer

Ques No.7: Rene Laennac invented which aid for doctors in 1810

Ans: Stethoscope

Ques No.8: Jagger, Richards, Wyman, Jones, Watts, Stewart - which band

Ans: The Rolling Stones

Ques No.9: What digit does not exist in Roman Numerals

Ans: Zero

Ques No.10: Who was nicknames The desert Fox (both Names)

Ans: Erwin Rommel

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