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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 122

Ques No.1: What animal lives in a drey

Ans: Squirrel

Ques No.2: Why is Louise Brown - born 1978 famous

Ans: First test tube baby

Ques No.3: The title of whose book translates as my struggle

Ans: Adolf Hitler

Ques No.4: Anna Mary Robinson - famous American painter - what name

Ans: Grandma Moses

Ques No.5: In which country would you find the Negev desert

Ans: Israel

Ques No.6: Which character has been played by the most actors

Ans: Sherlock Holmes

Ques No.7: In Greek mythology a Hamadryads spirit guarded what

Ans: Trees

Ques No.8: Jocasta was the wife of Laius and the mother of who

Ans: Oedipus

Ques No.9: Who wrote The Rights of Man - and The Age of Reason

Ans: Thomas Paine

Ques No.10: What is the capital of Sicily

Ans: Palermo

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