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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 111

Ques No.1: Who discovered radium

Ans: The Curies

Ques No.2: What does an alopecia sufferer lack

Ans: Hair

Ques No.3: Who painted The Haywain

Ans: John Constable

Ques No.4: Triskadeccaphobia is the fear of what

Ans: Number 13

Ques No.5: What is a baby rabbit called

Ans: Kit or Kitten

Ques NO.6: Which country had The Dauphin as a ruler

Ans: France

Ques No.7: Who did Michael Caine play in the Ipcress File (both names)

Ans: Harry Palmer

Ques No.8: Who won Euro song contest Save All Your Kisses For Me

Ans: Brotherhood of Man

Ques No.9: Which country had the guns of Naverone installed

Ans: Turkey

Ques No.10: Ictheologists study what

Ans: Fish

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