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General Knowledge Questions & Answers Section 110

Ques No.1: What was the first James Bond book

Ans: Casino Royal

Ques No.2: What kind of animal is a lurcher

Ans: Dog

Ques No.3: What is the currency of Austria

Ans: Schilling

Ques No.4: What is the Islamic equal to the red cross

Ans: Red Crescent

Ques No.5: In fable who sold a cow for five beans

Ans: Jack ( and grew a beanstalk )

Ques No.6: How did Alfred Nobel make his money

Ans: He invented Dynamite

Ques No.7: Who was the first man to run a sub four minute mile

Ans: Roger Bannister

Ques No.8: What are Munroes

Ans: Mountains in Scotland

Ques No.9: Which car company makes the Celica

Ans: Toyota

Ques No.10: Air Lingus is the national airline of which country

Ans: Republic of Ireland or Eire

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