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Ques No.1: What was the last European nation to accept the potato

Ans: France

Ques No.2: Students at Cambridge - no dogs - what Lord Byron keep

Ans: Bear

Ques No.3: King Mongut had aprox 9000 wife's/concubines what country

Ans: Siam - Thailand

Ques No.4: Only approx one third worlds population uses what regularly

Ans: Fork

Ques No.5: William Tayton was the first man to do what

Ans: Appear on TV – at Bairds demo

Ques No.6: Clemintina Campbell famous as who

Ans: Cleo Lane

Ques No.7: What should you give after 15 years of marriage

Ans: Crystal

Ques No.8: What is a Charollais

Ans: Type of Cattle

Ques No.9: What place is called Rapa-nui by its native inhabitants

Ans: Easter Island

Ques No.10: Where was/is the original Penthouse

Ans: In a Real Tennis Court

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